BT approve bespoke below-ground cable security system from Compound Security
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CSS Clip Joint Alarm was specially made for BT Openreach as part of a below ground cable security initiative.

The unit uses a Compound Security Systems Battery Powered GSM transmitter and a light sensor installed in a BT provided housing that matches the location. The GSM engine is a Compound Security Systems CSS-220-D and uses software available for download via the Compound Security Systems website for set up.

The units are designed for use in BT underground structure where there is no daylight when the lids are fitted.  If the lids are removed even during the night the unit activate and text messages are received with 2 minutes or less.  The delay is because the GSM engine needs to:

  • turn on
  • register with a cellular network
  • send a text message to up to 10 mobiles.

There were concerns that there would be insufficient light for the units to activate but as our thieves need torches to see what they are doing this been proven to provide sufficient light for activation.

The best way to describe the unit is it “DOES WHAT IS SAYS ON THE TIN”.  We had a few problems with getting the software working on our BT Build PC but these have all now been resolved.  I think that any PC running XP or Windows 7 and have access to the internet could be up and running within 30 minutes including a call to TAD Electronics help line.  IT technicians would achieve a typical install in 5 minutes after the first install.   

In some installations the light sensor will need to be replaced with a PIR or other triggering device.  We originally purchased some units using the Optex VX-402R sensor and these like the Clip Joint performed well.



I have found Compound Security Systems Ltd a good company to deal with and have gone out of their way to ensure the company supplied the customer with the product they require.

Robert Maile, BJE3 BT Openreach Security Team

(Contact Via Compound Security LTD)