Compound Security launch Rural / Farm alarm system with 3km range
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Theft from farms and other rural businesses has been on the increase over the last year, partly due to the state of the economy.

Securing farm entrances, buildings and plant and equipment has always presented a significant problem due to the distances involved and lack of power and communications lines around the sites.

Working in association with farmers and police, CSS have developed the RLAS (Rural Location Alarm System) specifically designed for use on farms and or large compounds.

RLAS is a mains powered (battery backup) GPRS based system that allows connection of up to 64 detectors and boast a 3km range from furthest detectorto the control system.

Detector range comprises, internal single beam detectors, external dual beam (small animal immune) detectors, active beams, smoke and flood detectors and an incredibly useful item called The Bug TM. The bug (see below) can be attached to any item of plant and equipment and will immediately report any movement of the equipment.

The RLAS is a GPRS based system. This means that users can log onto our website using their individual PIN and monitor all their systems and individual detectors in real time. In addition, the system reports all activations to an industry approved ARC (Alarm Monitoring Centre) who will call in the event of an activation.

For more information go the RLAS.