Compound Security Pick up New Product Rejected by the Dragons on Dragons Den (aired 22.08.10)
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BreakOut Window Safety DeviceCompound Security Systems, manufacturers of innovative security products such as the controversial MOSQUITO Teen Deterrent have picked up the Firefly Safety product ‘BreakOut‘ which was rejected unfairly by the Dragons on Dragons Den on 22rd August 2010.

The Break Out device is a novel and revolutionary device designed to shatter double or single glazed windows in an emergency at the press of a button. Si Morris, commercial director of Compound Security said, “we are a company known for good ideas and the ability to solve problems. We know how hard it can be to launch a new product into a market effectively when you are a small company. The Break Out device has dozens of applications from rail to hotels and we will be promoting the product extensively over the coming months”.

Mr. Morris also stated that “we think the Dragons who are usually good at understanding products and potential markets have missed an opportunity here and we will be giving Paul O’Hare from the inventor all the support we can over the coming months”.


More details:

  • BreakOut™ is the only emergency escape device designed to break through both panes of a double glazed window with one strike of a button in the event of a fire.
  • BreakOut™ is a simple device that attaches easily and permanently to any double glazed window. In the event of a fire simply remove the safety pin and push the button to break out.


Simon Morris, Commercial Director, Compound Security Systems Ltd. for further information on:
Tel. (0) 1685 350418