Compound Security Systems develop below-ground security for BT
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BT like many other utility companies are waging a daily battle against theft of copper. With 75 million miles of BT copper cable beneath our feet, this is a major problem. Not only does this mean hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in replacement cable and man hours, there is also the problem of service disruption for customers.

In 2011 BT commissioned two state of the art security systems designed to tackle this growing problem. One of these systems, a GPRS communicating battery powered below-ground security system was developed by Compound Security Systems.

Si Morris, commercial director of Compound Security Systems says “BT tried several existing systems to secure their ‘Footway’ boxes without success. The main issue being that from 4ft below ground, it was not possible for the systems to communicate. Compound created a bespoke system that overcomes this problem. Results from the initial batch are proving very successful and we look forward to the systems being rolled out across the UK during 2012.”

If you would like to discuss solutions to copper, lead or diesel theft, please contact Si Morris online or on +44 (0)1685 350418.