Compound Security Systems launch RaiderVision external visually verified Stand-Alone PIR
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UK based Compound Security Systems Ltd., the inventors of the Mosquito Anti-loitering Device and market leaders in Battery Powered Wireless Alarm Systems unveil their latest product development today.


RaiderVision is the world’s first external visual verification system integrated with a Dual-Optic PIR for use with battery powered wireless alarm systems.


“The wireless alarms market has grown rapidly over the last few years and one or two companies have brought visually verified systems to market. These existing systems use single-optic detectors for their visual verification. This is OK for internal applications, but these systems struggle with illumination issues and false alarms caused by animals”, says Si Morris, commercial director of Compound Security. “This has left a big gap in the external security market such as construction sites, farms, church roofs etc., and RaiderVision will fill that gap”


Howard Stapleton, MD of Compound said “RaiderVision builds on the success of Compound’s existing sector leading systems and will be available as an RF device for the existing RDAS+ battery powered wireless alarm system initially. In September 2013, we will be releasing a completely stand-alone version similar to our existing VX GPRS unit”


The RaiderVision unit takes the market leading Dual-Optic Optex VX402 detector and integrates Compound’s proprietary telemetrics. “The RDAS+ system with RaiderVision and the RaiderVision GPRS stand-alone version can be used in a wide range of applications” says Mr. Morris. “from farms, to construction sites and remote utility stations, to church roofs and community policing”.


“It is IMPORTANT to remember that this is not CCTV”, explains Mr. Stapleton.

“The aim is to visually verify that an intruder is present, not to be able to identify them. As long as you can see that there is an intruder, you can make an informed decision about the action you or the ARC take”.


Compound who have historically only provided their security systems in the UK until this point are now looking to overseas partners to take on their new systems in other countries.


For more details, call Compound Security Systems Ltd. +44 (0) 1685 350418 or go to RaiderVision