How long does it take to work?
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How long does the mosquito take to work?

Once the device is activated, for those susceptible to the sound it will be heard almost immediately. Its persistent, annoying frequency will usually cause people in the vicinity of the sound to move on within 20 minutes.

Prevent and Disperse the Problem in 20 Minutes

Young people loitering

8.00pm Teens start to gather, and their behaviour becomes a nuisance or threat.

Mosquito sound waves targeting anti social behaviour

8.05pm Discreetly positioned Mosquito alarm is switched on via a timer or remote control.

Mosquito anti loitering alarm dispersing teenagers

8.20pm Teens pick up on the high-frequency, repetitive tone of the Mosquito.

Mosquito alarm removing loitering teenagers

8.25pm Teens disperse as they become irritated by the highly annoying sound.

The Mosquito is safe, legal and harmless





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