Protect Retail Premises From Vandalism By Young People | The Mosquito Alarm
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Mosquito Alarm being used near retail shop

Protect Retail Premises With A Mosquito Alarm

The Mosquito alarm has been designed for use in areas where loitering occurs. Many police forces and local councils have already purchased this alarm system, as have many shopkeepers, retail outlets and fast food chains to disperse groups of young people from gathering outside such premises.

The device emits a high-pitched tone, which can only be heard by people normally aged under 25. It is not harmful to young people, but it makes them move on because of the irritating nature of the noise. At 17 KHz the range of the alarm is 30 metres and the sound does not pass through any solid surface.

The anti-loitering device is one of the least invasive around. Most people don’t even know that it is there. Young people who are adamant on gathering in groups and causing a nuisance are aware of a persistent background noise and after about 20 minutes will move away.

Installing the Mosquito device outside retail premises has shown to reduce in groups gathering to smoke, drink or making a nuisance and disturbing customers using the retail premises.

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