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Sound deterrent for under 25s

For many, living in relative peace and quiet is something we seek and, more often than not, we are fortunate to get, particularly in the comfort of our own home. However, in some places, this idyllic life we seek can become disturbed by unwanted youngsters who may not choose the best places to meet up and hang around.

For many homeowners and businesses faced with this problem and having exhausted all other reasonable means of dispersing potential trouble, high-frequency sound is being used as an effective deterrent for under 25’s.

The Mosquito anti-loitering alarm emits an ultra, high-pitched noise that can only be heard by those under the age of 25 if set at 17 KHz.

The frequency level at which the sound is transmitted can only be heard by youngsters under the age of 25 because as we get older, adults suffer progressive hearing loss and higher frequencies are the first to go.

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