Stop Anti Social Behaviour In Your area With A Mosquito Alarm
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Mosquito Alarm protecting a street

Stop Anti Social Community Neighborhoods

For many, the communities they live in are clean and tidy, quiet and lovely places to live and work, but how do you safely tackle persistent anti-social behaviour in neigbourhoods besieged by relentless groups of young people intent on causing a nuisance with intimidating, loud and bad behaviour?

This scenario does not happen everywhere, and groups of youths can innocently enjoy outside spaces without homeowners and businesses even noticing their presence, but sadly this isn’t seen in every community.

Persistent vandalism, graffiti, loitering and nuisance behaviour can be a real headache for many, and despite exhausting all other security measures, confrontation with the problem is best avoided. So how can the problem be harmlessly addressed?

For many community neigbourhoods facing this situation, the installation of the Mosquito anti-loitering device has helped to solve the problem. Using an unrelenting high-frequency sound, the device has been designed to stop anti-social behaviour and be used in areas where loitering occurs.

The sound it produces has been carefully designed to be both very annoying and difficult to ignore for anything more than a few minutes.

Although the alarm is aimed at dispersing those under 25 there is a setting that can be used for people of any age group.

In all instances, the Mosquito should always be used appropriately and as a last resort if all other preventative methods have been explored.

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