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Mosquito Stops Loitering At Schools

Location: Further education establishments

Problem: Out of hours gatherings of youths

On installing a Mosquito device:

Youths would immediately vacant the area. The installation has prevented unwanted, out of hours anti-social behaviour around schools in the area.

After installing our first Mosquito in the Locksheath District Centre and its immediate success, the devices are now being used in schools in our county to prevent out of hours gatherings.

Tony Walters
Crime Prevention Officer, Hampshire Police Fareham Division

Already the device has helped with youth crowd control at our school system in Columbia. What we like about them is that you can move crowds on without getting into a confrontation. Within five minutes of switching it on they’ve all gone somewhere elsewhere.

Rick McGee
Service Manager, Richmond School District Two, South Carolina


Possible locations for the mosquito

Outside community convenience stores

Industrial estates during evening hours and weekends

Car parks


Railway stations

School premises during evening hours, weekends and holidays

Parks during the hours of darkness

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