How To Prevent Graffiti With A Mosquito Alarm
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How to Prevent Graffiti on Your Property

Graffiti Prevention Strategies with Mosquito Loitering Solutions

If you’re curious about how to prevent graffiti, there are various tactics you can utilize. Law enforcement can only do so much, and it is often up to you to learn how to stop graffiti from occurring on your property. After all, while legal street art can help enhance a brick wall, most graffiti is unwanted and offensive. This is certainly the case with graffiti warning signs.

Graffiti is particularly prevalent in the United States. So if you’re wondering how to prevent graffiti, here are some tips:

  • Improve your security: There are various ways to up your security and make would-be graffiti artists think twice. A warning sign that lets them know about punishments can work. Aside from a stop sign, security cameras and motion-activated lights can scare them off.
  • Utilize anti-graffiti protection coatings: Spray paints are effective in sticking to walls, but that is different when protection films and coatings are used. Different options are available, although coatings can stop graffiti sprayed from sticking to the wall.
  • Limit access to your walls: You can reduce access to your walls by installing fencing and security doors. Furthermore, you could plant shrubs and bushes next to the wall, restricting the amount of canvas that is available to graffiti artists.
  • Remove graffiti as soon as possible: If someone is posting a quick graffiti warning or a major piece of work, they want to see their creation exist as long as possible. The quicker you remove it, the quicker they will be discouraged from using your walls again in the future.

These are effective methods in how to stop graffiti from affecting your property and business. However, there is one tactic at Mosquito Loitering Solutions we believe sits above the rest: the Mosquito alarm.

How does a Mosquito device prevent graffiti?

When you understand how to prevent graffiti, you will realize the Mosquito device is one of the best tools you can use. Although it is impossible to have a completely anti-graffiti world, the Mosquito helps to minimize the possibility of it occurring on your property.

When preventing graffiti and vandalism with the Mosquito alarm this is done with a high-frequency sound. This tone is only detectable by those under 25, and it is a consistent, annoying sound that youngsters want to escape as soon as possible. The result: groups of graffiti vandals will disperse within minutes once the Mosquito is switched on.

Even though the tone produced by the Mosquito is highly effective for graffiti prevention, it is completely harmless. No youngsters, animals, or even babies will be affected by the Mosquito’s sound. It is simply a way that will make troublesome youngsters move away from your home or business.

The Mosquito alarm is available with features such as a motion sensor, timer, and remote control. These accessories can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the device. For instance, with the motion sensor, this will automatically switch the Mosquito on when movement is detected outside.

Why should you use Mosquito Loitering Solutions?

Graffiti prevention is one of the main reasons why we produced the Mosquito device in the first place. We were wondering how to prevent graffiti effectively, and while other methods can produce positive results, no other graffiti prevention strategies quite match up to the alarm we have created.

At Mosquito Loitering Solutions, we have put in unparalleled passion and effort to create a device that can stop vandalism in general – not just graffiti. Preventing graffiti and vandalism is something that we take seriously, and that is why we spent so long revising the Mosquito along with only using the best available materials.

Our work on the Mosquito device extends to gaining approval from all necessary regulators and organizations. We don’t just sell our alarm without approval – we ensure it is effective and safe.

You know how to prevent graffiti with the Mosquito device. However, our stellar reputation isn’t only built on the products we offer. It is also due to the customer service we provide. At Mosquito Loitering Solutions, we make it our mission to pack and ship parcels with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Additionally, we are always here to help and assist when needed.

Graffiti Success Story

Preventing graffiti and vandalism with Mosquito for a shopping center

Location: Popular shopping center in the heart of the city


Groups of young people had been vandalizing the shopping center for a long time. While their acts of vandalism included the likes of being overly loud and breaking windows, one of the biggest problems was graffiti on the outer walls. Whether it was graffiti warning signs or obscene imagery, these designs were causing more damage than they seemed.

The graffiti was cultivating a negative perception of the shopping center. This perception was leading to negative feedback from shoppers, and it was ultimately deterring customers from visiting the center. This resulted in less footfall, fewer sales, and less revenue across the board.

After installing the Mosquito device:

Almost instantly, the Mosquito helped with preventing vandalism and graffiti. The crowds of youths have stopped making the shopping center a gathering place, which has the knock-on effect of much fewer instances of graffiti being found on the walls. Graffiti warning signs are gone, obscene imagery is no longer present, and the shopping center is a much more pleasant place to visit overall for customers. It has been a highly successful graffiti prevention tactic.

For many years, our leisure center has been suffering from anti-social behavior on essentially a daily basis. Problems included outside walls being graffitied on a regular basis, costing the council a lot of money over the years, and making the place unpleasant for users to visit at times.

Within a day [after installing the Mosquito], the problems were resolved and further damage to the property has ceased. The center is now a much more peaceful and inviting location. In fact, the team was so impressed that we subsequently ordered a further three systems and have installed these in other community centers and grounds that were experiencing similar anti-social issues.

Chris Felton,
Facilities Manager

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