Stop Young Graffiti Artists With A Mosquito Alarm
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Stop Graffiti Artists With A Mosquito

Often considered a victimless crime, the presence of graffiti can do immense harm to homes and businesses. It often affects an individual’s perception of a building. This perception – whether accurate or inaccurate – can ultimately deter potential customers from visiting a business, leading to less footfall and revenue loss.

While it’s almost impossible to stop all graffiti vandalism, there are methods you can implement to prevent damage caused by potential offenders and save yourself from the costly and time-consuming process of cleaning and restoring exterior walls and windows.

The Mosquito is a preventive method home and business owners can take to maintain their property and reputation.

The Mosquito anti-loitering device is one of the most effective and safe ways to disperse groups of loitering teens from locations they are not welcome.

Anti-graffiti paints are costly and time consuming while power washing might spoil the texture of your freshly painted walls whereas the Mosquito is easy to use and 100% effective against the loitering youth who hang out in public places, pubs and shopping malls causing inconvenience to regular customers and tourists.

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