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How Mosquito Helps In the Community

Location: Various community neighbourhoods in the UK

Problem: Crowds of young people causing a nuisance

On installing a Mosquito device:

Having been used as a last resort in many communities, where the anti-social devices have been installed it has had a massive impact on reducing anti-social behaviour. The alarms have really made a difference.

Regarding the Mosquito device that we have recently been using in our area, this is just a note to say that we have been extremely pleased with it. We have also had a positive reaction regarding its use from members of the public. In short, it has been an all-round success.

Sarah Ward PC 1623
Gloucestershire Constabulary

For 12 months to date your company has supplied and fitted several Mosquito anti-social behaviour devices in the Liverpool South localities. The success of this initiative has been effective and noted by both this department and the public. I communicate today to share with you the appreciation submitted by the communities in writing to this department.

Lawrence Jeffries
Crime Reduction / Architectural Liaison Officer, Merseyside Police


Possible locations for the mosquito

Outside community convenience stores

Industrial estates during evening hours and weekends

Car parks


Railway stations

School premises during evening hours, weekends and holidays

Parks during the hours of darkness

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