Stop Anti Social Behaviour With A Mosquito Alarm
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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can leave people uncomfortable to be in their own homes and in extreme cases, residents can resort to selling their homes.

Often intimidating gangs at night, noise, drug use and drinking make the one place you should feel safe the last place you want to be.

Tackling the issue often presents its own challenges, and often confrontation is best avoided. It often means residents standing guard over their property and vehicles night after night, with no meaningful rest.

The Mosquito device offers a non-intrusive way of stopping the problem before it starts by using a high-frequency sound only detectable to youngsters under the age of 25 when set at 17 KHz.

Once installed on the exterior wall of a property, the device can be controlled by remote control, sensor or timer to turn on when groups of youths gather in anti-social hot spots. The device can also be used internally in locations such as communal areas in blocks of flats and emergency stairwells in business premises.

By using the Mosquito device, intervention is key, and its use reduces the risk of the public retaliating when their property is at risk from anti-social behaviour.

Fully tested, the Mosquito alarm presents no harm to bats, pets, animals or babies.

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