Ways To Prevent Anti Social Behavior With A Mosquito Alarm
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How to Stop Anti-Social Behavior

Different Ways to Prevent Anti-Social Behavior

Anti-social behavior, meaning everything from persistent dogs barking to vandalism, is something that many people have to suffer with in some form.

Local authorities across the world are always on the search for ways to prevent anti-social behavior. They use statutory nuisance legislation, fixed penalty notice charges, criminal behavior order notices, and more. The problem is that, even if a noise complaint is made or you report anti-social behavior, there is only so much that authorities can do – and they often focus on more serious issues due to a lack of funding and resources.

Due to this, people often have to take anti-social behavior and crime prevention into their own hands.

When tackling anti-social behavior, there are various approaches that can be taken. Here are some anti-vandal tactics to consider so you can tackle crime near your home or business:

  • Report the issue: When it comes to anti-social behavior, noise is one of the most common problems. One way to try and stop this is by reporting the issue. While it may prove fruitless, this step is recommended rather than confronting those making noise – which could only further escalate the issue.
  • Set up a neighborhood watch: If this hasn’t been done already, it is wise to set up a neighborhood watch. This can help with spotting and quickly reporting behavior, including thefts and gang activity.
  • Protect your property: Anti-social behavior noise is only one problem. It can also involve points such as theft and vandalism. In these situations, you should take extra precautions to protect your property. Anti-vandal fixes include fencing, security cameras and doors, lighting solutions, and anti-vandal switches.
  • Clean up signs of anti-social behavior fast: If your property has been the victim of visible anti-social actions, don’t leave these actions out in the open for everyone to see. Whether it’s litter or graffiti, you should clean up any signs of anti-social behavior as soon as possible. This helps with stopping other vandals from being encouraged to do the same to your property.

However, when it comes to truly eradicating anti-social behavior, meaning that it is not something you have to deal with directly in the future, the number one solution is the Mosquito anti-loitering alarm. The Mosquito device is incredibly effective in dispersing nearby youths within a matter of minutes while being non-intrusive. It works just as well for individual troublemakers as it does for large groups.

How the Mosquito device prevents anti-social behavior?

When thinking about ways to prevent anti-social behavior, the number one choice is undoubtedly the Mosquito device. This is due to how the Mosquito combines effectiveness with a level of subtlety. This tool is non-intrusive and utilizes a high-frequency sound set at 17 KHz – one that can only be picked up by those under 25 years of age – that discourages youngsters from loitering outside your property.

While there are more forward approaches to anti-social behavior and crime prevention, the Mosquito device is a vandal-resistant powerhouse. Simply install the device to the exterior of your property’s wall, and it will produce an annoying and repetitive high-frequency sound that is only picked up by youngsters. Due to the irritation of this noise, the last thing teenagers want to do is stick around. This means they disperse in double-quick time – no confrontations or uncomfortable situations required.

As an anti-vandal tool, the Mosquito puts a stop to disorderly activities like noise, theft, and property damage. It stops groups from hanging around outside your property, whether it is your home or business. The result: you can cultivate a peaceful, welcoming environment that improves comfort levels and your day-to-day life.

While effective in stopping antisocial behavior, it does so without being harmful to teenagers, pets, bats, or babies. It is fully tested and has received government approval. When it comes to ways to prevent anti-social behavior, the Mosquito reduces the possibility of public retaliation. That also means there is significantly less chance you will be in harm’s way with youths with behavior problems.

Accessories available with the Mosquito device allow you to control it either by sensor, timer, or remote control. This allows you to decide exactly when to switch the device on to deal with groups of youths at specific times.

Why should you use Mosquito Loitering Solutions?

There is no point in looking at alternatives and pretenders. Mosquito Loitering Solutions is the original and inventor of the revolutionary Mosquito device. Since 2005, our creation has helped out a wide range of families and businesses across the globe, including residential neighborhoods, stores, shopping centers, and schools.

The basis of our work was built with one aspect in mind: ways to prevent anti-social behavior. We are fully aware that while most young people are outside to have fun and not harm others, there is a small selection of adolescents that can make life difficult for people. Their anti-social ways, whether being verbally abusive, vandalizing property, or simply intimidating others, are detrimental to the wellbeing of people trying to live their lives.

Due to this, we have put every effort into ensuring the Mosquito device has been designed with the effectiveness and quality you desire. This isn’t a device that will only work for a few months – it has been built to last with high-quality materials. Plus, as our glowing reviews and testimonials underline, the Mosquito device is incredibly productive in dispersing groups of teenagers with minimal fuss or effort.

Along with the Mosquito itself, we offer a selection of accessories to suit your requirements. This includes a timer, remote control, and detector. With these accessories, you have greater control over when the Mosquito switches on. A protective cage is also available to prevent any possible damage to the Mosquito device.

Unsurpassed levels of service

We don’t take our great products for granted. We pair the Mosquito device with the highest possible levels of service. Once a product is ordered, we take all necessary steps to ship this out with speed, accuracy, and care.

Furthermore, we are always here to help when required. If you want further information about how the Mosquito can stop anti-social behavior or more about the product’s functionality, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A reputation you can trust

Over the past two decades, Mosquito Loitering Solutions has built up a stellar reputation in the anti-vandal industry. Customers across the world purchase and love the Mosquito device that we sell.

In addition, and to prove the safety and legality of our work, the Mosquito has received extensive approval from relevant organizations and governments. This includes entities ranging from the Belgian Superior Health Council to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Anti-social behavior success story

How Mosquito helped a shopping center stop anti-social behavior

Location: Large shopping center that attracts many visitors


The shopping center began attracting a large number of youths that engaged in anti-social behavior, meaning that other visitors felt uncomfortable during their visit. Due to this, visitor numbers started to decrease, and this affected the stores that were located in the shopping center.

These stores also experienced this anti-social behavior first-hand. The gangs of youths would enter their premises, cause a noise nuisance, verbally attack employees, damage merchandise and the premises, and more. These businesses were unhappy with the situation and threatened to move to a different location.

While security would try its best to alleviate the situation, this was not always effective. The young people showed minimal respect for the security members, and they would not be deterred from either moving to a different part of the shopping center or returning at a later time.

After the installation of the Mosquito:

The shopping center installed the Mosquito in the area that was experiencing the most trouble from the youths. The result of this installation was dramatic. Due to the high-frequency sound produced by the Mosquito, it stopped groups from hanging around in this known spot for trouble.

With the device switched on, youths would begin to vacate the area within minutes. Plus, with it covering a 20-meter radius, they wouldn’t simply stand in an alternative spot nearby. In most cases, they decided to leave the shopping center entirely.

Due to the proven effectiveness of the Mosquito to stop anti-social behavior, there are plans in place to expand coverage further in the shopping center. Along with breaking up other known anti-social hotspots, the use of multiple Mosquito devices can stop other hangout areas from developing in and around the shopping center.

[The mosquito] has completely changed our lives in under a week. We were constantly besieged – from 3.30 pm in the afternoon to well after 11 pm some nights – by various groups of teenage boys who would be sitting on our windowsills, leaning on our front door, making a terrible racket, and strewing the place with empty soft-drink cans.

Within 15 minutes of installing our Mosquito, the first group of youths had melted away. The next group arrived – and the same thing happened. And so it went on, a joy to behold!

We now live in peace and quiet. Our home is our own once more.

Annie Hawes

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