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How Mosquito Helped An Elderly couple

Location: Corner house owned by an elderly couple

Problem: Residential home constantly besieged from 3.30pm until after 11pm some nights by various groups of youths littering, interfering with the property and making unacceptable noise.

On installing a Mosquito device:

Within 15 minutes, the first group of youths dispersed. When the next group arrived, the same thing happened. As a result, the elderly couple now live in peace and quiet. It has completely changed their lives and they feel as if their home is there’s once again.

We received the Mosquito without any issue and duly deployed it. Distance from deployment station to our wall 20m and Karaoke another 20m so right on the stated range limit of the device. It took just over a week of use to force the Karaoke neighbours to the negotiating table where they agreed to no more loud music, but could we please turn off the ‘thing’ as it is stinging our ears! It could be a first in this country as many are asking about it. Anyway, as we stand, a success story!

Terry Walsh

Our house is a corner property that leads directly onto the street, and we were constantly besieged by various groups of teenage boys causing a nuisance. Within fifteen minutes of installing the Mosquito, the first group of youths had dispersed. When the next group arrived, the same thing happened. We now live in peace and quiet and feel as if our home is our own once more.

Annie Hawes

I can’t thank you enough. It has made such a difference to my life. The gang of 10 or so kids that plagued me every night have gone. It is a wonderful invention and I appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me.

Mr Burnside

I decided to purchase your Mosquito device because tenants of mine had been hounded by noisy, drunken and malicious youths for many years. Your device took no more than 15 minutes to work before the kids moved to somewhere less unpleasant for their ears, and though they have attempted to congregate in the same place, they’ve loitered for no more than two minutes since then. You should be proud of the device, as I was amazed by it. What an incredible invention. I would highly recommend it.

Jim Hourihan


Possible locations for the mosquito

Outside community convenience stores

Industrial estates during evening hours and weekends

Car parks


Railway stations

School premises during evening hours, weekends and holidays

Parks during the hours of darkness

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