Mosquito Helps Social Distancing
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Mosquito Helps Social Distancing

How Mosquito Helps with Social Distancing

The Mosquito is an ultra-sonic youth deterrent that has several different benefits for homeowners. It’s a beneficial way of preventing anti-social behaviour and loitering in a non-confrontational way. Now the device can be used to effectively help when it comes to a problem that has recently come to the forefront: social distancing.

The issue at hand

The current pandemic has changed the world we live in. These changes are not going to disappear anytime soon, either, which means adapting to the situation is imperative. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining the right level of social distancing.  

Based on government guidelines, you should avoid close contact with other people that are not within your ‘support bubble’. If you are to leave your home, you should aim to remain at least two metres away from other individuals.

The latter is where problems are arising for many people. Even if you try and adhere to the rules, others are not doing the same. Whether it’s due to lockdown fatigue or simply ignorance, it’s almost impossible to stick to social distancing guidelines when in a supermarket, for example.

The issue is also extending all the way back home. As people are becoming more negligent with the rules, more and more young people are gathering in groups. You only have to read regular news stories about these groups visiting the beach or having house parties to know it’s an increasingly common problem. Plus, with a lack of activities available to them due to certain businesses being closed or having restricted access, it means teenagers are gathering outside in neighbourhoods and causing concern.

This is particularly troublesome for the older generation, as they are more at risk of suffering significant complications if they catch COVID-19. If youths are hanging outside their home, a senior individual can be reluctant to go outside to the shops or even reside in their front garden. The fear of catching the virus is too great, especially when factoring in how easy it can be transmitted between people.

If youths are gathering outside your house, there is thankfully one tool that can help erase this problem: the Mosquito ultra-sonic youth deterrent.

How the Mosquito can help with social distancing

As the ultra-sonic youth deterrent tagline suggests, the Mosquito is a tool that utilises high-frequency sound. Now don’t confuse this sound for being either loud or painful. The Mosquito only transmits a high-frequency sound that is perfectly legal and safe to use. When the device is in action, teens will pick up on the repetitive, irritating tone it dispels and typically leave the area in about 20 minutes.

You might be wondering, ‘won’t the Mosquito cause me to also suffer from this annoying sound?’ The answer is, fortunately, no. As we grow older, the ability to hear sounds of a higher frequency is reduced. This means the Mosquito’s standard high-frequency sound is only heard by youngsters. With that said, the device does come with a multi-age feature. When it’s set to 17 kHz, the Mosquito is effective on those under 25. The 8 kHz setting, however, means anyone can hear the sound. The latter setting should only be used if you’re receiving persistent issues from older groups of people.

This ultra-sonic youth deterrent obviously helps with social distancing as it keeps people away. There’s no need to have to walk through a group of teenagers when you’re on the way to the shops. You can also unwind in your front garden and not have to worry about the possibility of youths infiltrating your space and breaking social distancing guidelines.

A long-term problem solver

Social distancing will not be a permanent fixture in daily life – hopefully. Yet you shouldn’t only view the Mosquito as a way of assisting with social distancing measures. It can also help you on a long-term basis.

Let’s face it: nobody wants the attention of unwanted behaviour from youths outside their home. Not only can they indulge in anti-social behaviour and be overly loud, but they can also make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. By using the ultra-sonic youth deterrent known as Mosquito, these issues can be removed from the equation permanently.

If a crowd of teenagers decides your neighbourhood is the one they want to hang around, you can simply turn on the Mosquito for a few minutes and wait for them to disperse from the area. Alternatively, you can control the device via a PIR sensor or timer for that extra level of convenience.

The more times the Mosquito is put into action, the less likely any groups are going to start congregating in your area. Show them their presence isn’t welcome in a safe, harmless, and non-obtrusive way.

Getting started with the Mosquito

Another advantage in the Mosquito’s favour is that it is quick and easy to install. This means you can get the device up and running right away, ensuring you don’t have to wait around and be at risk of not social distancing correctly.

When installing the Mosquito, there are a few guidelines to consider. For example, you want to select a location for the device that is not only quiet in general, but also close to the target area where youths normally congregate. It’s also advised to mount the unit above four metres in height, if possible, directly onto a vertical wall. The Mosquito will then either be tilted upwards to increase range or downwards to reduce the range but zone in on a specific area.

Once the device is bolted to an appropriate surface and plugged into a 13A wall socket, it is ready to use. It can then be automatically switched on via a timer, or you can use the handy remote control to activate the Mosquito. The latter is particularly useful if youths gather at sporadic times throughout the day.

There are various different Mosquito kits and accessories available. Whichever one you pick, you can rest a little easier and know you’re sticking to social distancing as best as possible.

The Mosquito is safe, legal and harmless





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