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Loitering teenagers

How Mosquito Helped a Corner Shop

Location: Small corner shop in Bradford

Problem: The shop front was attracting large groups of teenagers that although did not always cause trouble, they did make the shop’s owners feel intimated.

On installing a Mosquito device:

There has been a huge reduction in the numbers gathering outside the shop. There have been no complaints on the device being used. It has significantly reduced the illegal behaviour the shop owner has had to contend with over the years.

My father runs a small store and the shop front was attracting large groups of teenagers that although did not always caused trouble they did make my father and his customers feel intimidated. Since the unit has been installed, we have seen a huge reduction in numbers gathering. It feels like a different shop.

M Patel
Shop Owner

We were regularly called to the shop in relation to nuisance youths congregating, intimidating members of the public and ‘persuading’ them to purchase alcohol, and incidents of violence, including one where a shop customer’s car was bricked. The device was installed and very quickly it became apparent that it was highly effective at dispersing youths from the area. Both staff at the store and customers have noticed that the youths are not congregating anymore and that the amount of calls made to the police have greatly diminished. The amount of shoplifting has decreased also.

PCSO 7068 Simon Martindale
Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Unit, Cheshire Constabulary

It is excellent news that the Mosquito has been a huge success story for the Co-operative Group and is having a significant impact in attacking the problem of crowds gathering around our stores. Sunwin Security has been promoting the Mosquito since December 2005 and this feedback is one of many positive reports that we have received from our customers. Fantastic invention.

Stefan Trbovic
Manager Sunwin Security

Possible locations for the mosquito

Outside community convenience stores

Industrial estates during evening hours and weekends

Car parks


Railway stations

School premises during evening hours, weekends and holidays

Parks during the hours of darkness

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