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Prevent Vandalism With a Mosquito Alarm

When considering how to prevent vandalism, home and business owners often despair. The crime can be committed in an instant, cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and a great deal of emotional stress too. It can occur in the middle of the working day, or the dead of night. You need to know how to deter vandalism, but what options are available?

The Mosquito is an electronic device that gives out a high-frequency sound, which is highly annoying to those who can hear it though it is harmless and does not cause hearing loss or other ill-effects. The high-frequency sound is audible only to under 25’s and not by everyone, which ensures a targeted approach in checking anti-social behaviour. Youngsters who hear the Mosquito clear from the area within minutes without having to use any forceful eviction by police.

The Mosquito anti-loitering device is a safe and harmless solution for home and business owners to install to help combat the problem of vandalism. The benefit of the alarm is it can help stop the problem before it starts. Once installed and activated the problem usually disperses within 20 minutes.

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