How To Prevent Vandalism With A Mosquito Alarm
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How to Stop Vandalism on Your Property

Different Ways to Prevent Vandalism with a Mosquito Alarm

Why is vandalism a social problem? Whether it is criminal street gangs or wayward youths, a lot of people engage in vandalism for various reasons. It could be due to everything from a destructive mentality to simple boredom. Whatever the reason, law enforcement is finding it an impossible task to stop vandalism – whether it is serious gang vandalism like destroying property or graffiti.

If the police department cannot do it on its own, you need to learn how to stop vandalism. Below are some key tips on how to deter vandals:

  • Extra security for your property: The first steps in how to stop vandalism on your own should revolve around adding security to your property. This includes using video surveillance and adding security gates.
  • Use your garden: It may seem an unusual way how to prevent vandalism, but your garden – particularly if you’re protecting a residential home – can be a major support. Plant shrubs and bushes that feature thorns and sharp jagged leaves. The likes of jagged leaves and branches may not seem that effective, but they can stop would-be criminals in their tracks.
  • Install fences: The right fencing around your property is another layer of protection to answer how to deter vandals. When you post “no trespassing” signage on the fencing, this can further demonstrate to gang members and other vandals your property is the wrong one to pick.

These methods are all helpful when putting into practice how to prevent vandalism. However, gang vandalism can still bypass these security measures, and you don’t want to confront these troublemakers – otherwise, you could be a victim of gang violence. This is where the Mosquito device can be one of the best assets when discovering how to stop vandalism from affecting you, your loved ones, and your home or business.

How does the Mosquito device prevent vandalism?

When learning how to deter vandals successfully, one of the best tools you can have in your repertoire is undoubtedly the Mosquito alarm. This device is proven in its ability to disperse adolescents that are loitering around your home or business premises.

As for how to prevent vandalism with the Mosquito device, this is due to how the alarm functions. It delivers a high-frequency tone that, while harmless, is unbearably annoying for anyone that can hear the sound. Due to how our hearing changes as we age, this sound is generally only audible for those under 25, making it a productive, targeted way to stop vandalism.

If you consider other direct methods when learning how to stop vandalism, these usually involve confrontation and defiance, and they can put you in harm’s way. The Mosquito, conversely, is a non-confrontational method that sees results within a matter of minutes.

In your effort to stop vandalism, the Mosquito is also available with a range of accessories, including a timer, remote control, and detector. These assist with switching the mosquito on when it is needed most – no electricity wasted.

If you’re thinking of how to prevent vandalism, look no further than the Mosquito.

Why should you use Mosquito Loitering Solutions?

Learning how to stop vandalism and anti-social behavior was the reason behind our decision to create the Mosquito alarm. This isn’t a device that we have bought from elsewhere and marketed as our own – this is a concept and product that has been made from the very start under Mosquito Loitering Solutions.

We are passionate about how to deter vandals and protecting law abiding citizens, and that is why we have put so much effort, research, and quality into the Mosquito device.

At Mosquito Loitering Solutions, we have continued to receive approval from various organizations and regulators across the globe to demonstrate both the Mosquito’s safety and effectiveness. Yes, we want to stop vandalism, but we only want to do this in a lawful way that doesn’t cause harm to others.

Aside from the Mosquito device, we also go above and beyond with our customer service. Orders are always fulfilled swiftly, with purchases sent out with speed and care. If you ever need any assistance, we are also just a message or phone call away.

If you want an effective crime prevention solution for your home or business, you have found the right product and company.

Vandalism Success Story

How Mosquito helped a grocery store prevent vandalism

Location: Popular grocery store located in a neighborhood shopping center


During each evening, the grocery storefront would be a magnet for unwanted youths. The sizeable number of young people that gathered caused numerous problems. Their brash nature and general presence led to both shoppers and employees feeling intimidated.

While their anti-social behavior was typically contained to being loud and littering, it sometimes escalated beyond that misconduct. The group would focus on easy targets with verbal abuse and, on occasion, would vandalize the store. This included graffiti, throwing stones at the windows, and entering the store to mess with the merchandise.

After the Mosquito alarm was installed:

Since the grocery store installed the Mosquito device, it has helped to effectively prevent vandalism. The high-frequency sound produced by the alarm has stopped the crowds of youths from hanging outside the premises. The store uses a timer that automatically switches the device on at a set time when the youths would typically congregate outside.

As it has stopped troublesome youngsters from hanging around the shopping center, both shoppers and employees feel more relaxed, and cases of vandalism have been minimized.

My father runs a small store near Bradford, and the shop front was attracting large groups of teenagers that, although did not always cause trouble, they did make my father and his customers feel intimidated.

Since the unit has been installed, we have seen a huge reduction in numbers gathering – it feels like a different shop. My father is delighted with the product. It’s just a noise, and as far as we feel, the noise the machine makes is tiny compared with the problems and real illegal behavior my dad has had to contend with over the years.

M Patel,
Shop Owner

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