CSS unveil GPRS Fuel-oil Tank Alarm at IFSEC 2011
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Over the last 18 months or so, the instances of fuel-oil and deisel theft from domestic and commercial storage tanks has seen a dramatic increase as the economy worsens. As a result to requests by numerous UK police forces, CSS are pleased to announce the launch of our GPRS based Tank Alarm at IFSEC 2011.

Working in conjunction with Watchman tank alarms, the CSS GPRS Tank Alarm incorporates the Watchman sensor unit with our own GPRS signalling / monitoring system. This means that no matter where you are in the world, any attempt to tamper with your storage tank will result in our designated ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) contacting you within seconds. The system will also allow connection of a CSS modified Optex HX40 PIR to provide a confirmed activation if required.

The GPRS Tank Alarm has been awarded Police SBD (Secured by Design) accreditation providing potential users of the devices with the peace of mind that this is a highly reliable peice of security equip.ment

Detailed information on the GPRS Tank Alarm can be found on the product page.

GPRS Tank AlarmGPRS Tank Alarm

GPRS Tank Alarm