How Can I Prevent Loitering at My Shopping Centre?
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Have you noticed people hanging around your shopping centre? Loitering is a cause for concern for owners of shopping centres, and it is not always obvious how you can resolve the situation. Even if no property damage or criminal activity is taking place, it is still a cause for concern and could be preventing customers from visiting your centre. So, what are the best ways to deter loitering? There are a few effective methods to use that don’t have to involve a confrontation or involving law enforcement – keep reading to discover the best ways to deter loitering at shopping centres.

Security Cameras

One of the smartest solutions is to have video surveillance systems installed with security cameras pointing at the areas where people loiter, such as the parking lots. Security solutions like this are smart because they can act as a deterrent to criminal activity and stop people from hanging around. Additionally, if there is any property damage or criminal activity, you will be able to contact law enforcement with evidence to back up your claims. If you speak to security experts, they will tell you that the presence of security cameras can deter loitering and can prevent criminal activity from occurring at commercial properties.

Security Guards

The presence of security cameras can be effective, but you might also find that you need to hire security guards that can patrol the shopping centre and parking lot and disperse groups. This is one of the best ways to prevent criminal activity as security guards can take immediate action and catch the criminal. Hiring security guards will obviously be a cost, but it is also one of the best security solutions and can provide a level of peace of mind that is hard to beat.

Anti-Loitering Alarm

Shopping centres are often areas where teenagers like to hang out. Still, it can be frustrating as a business owner because they could be up to no good or putting off potential customers and costing you money. Many people would prefer to steer clear of confrontation, which is always a risk, particularly when confronting a group. The Mosquito anti-loitering alarm is the perfect solution and a highly effective way to disperse groups hanging around shopping centres. This is a remote-controlled or timer-controlled alarm that emits a safe high-frequency sound that is highly annoying and will disperse the group. The Mosquito anti loitering alarm is an easy, non-confrontational, and highly effective way to prevent loitering at shopping centres.

If you have an issue with loitering at your shopping centre, you should find the solution in the above methods. Loitering can cause disruption to business, and, even if there is no criminal activity, it can be off-putting for staff and customers. Preventing loitering can get your business back on track, make staff and customers feel more relaxed, and stop criminal activity from occurring. Learn more about the Mosquito device and what it could do for you today.