How To Prevent Loitering on Industrial Sites
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You notice a group of campers, squatters, or threatening-looking people hanging around your industrial park – what do you do? Loitering can be a major issue on industrial parks and around industrial buildings, and this is for a few reasons. Often, confrontation is not best and can make the situation worse, but there are a number of options that can prevent loitering and give you peace of mind knowing that you do not have anyone causing property damage, stealing high-value items, or building materials or trespassing on your site. So, what can you do to prevent loitering on industrial sites? Read on for a few suggestions that should help.

Fence Off Areas

One of the most effective steps to take is to simply fence off areas. You need to determine what property you own and then fence off these areas – loitering law can be vague, but when you put a clear marker down by fencing off areas that are your own, then the prosecution of trespassers becomes much easier if they enter these areas. You should also put up no trespassing signs around the industrial park as a friendly warning.

Use A Security Camera

A security camera can be an effective anti loitering measure, but you need to be aware that the presence alone of a security camera will not deter campers, squatters and others from loitering around your industrial park. To prevent loitering, you need someone actively monitoring the security camera footage so that action can be taken as soon as criminal activity occurs. You can also use the footage as evidence that can be used by law enforcement for prosecution.

Use An Anti-Loitering Alarm

A Mosquito anti loitering device is a quick, easy and effective way to prevent loitering, especially for campers and squatters that might be sleeping in the area. These are alarms that can be remotely controlled or set up on a timer to emit a safe high-frequency sound that is highly annoying and cause the group to disperse – contact us for more information. This is a good option because it is non-confrontational, you do not have to get law enforcement involved, and it will help you to protect your industrial park and industrial buildings.

Use Security Personnel

Hiring security personnel to patrol and protect the industrial park can be an expense, but it is also one of the most effective methods to use. Security personnel will be trained in how to handle these situations and prevent campers, squatters, and any other group from returning to the area.

Loitering around industrial parks can be common. This is a cause for concern because loiterers could cause damage, steal high-value items or building materials, make staff feel uncomfortable and even cause health and safety concerns as any injuries on your land could be problematic for you. The above are the best strategies for dealing with loitering around industrial buildings and should help you to resolve the situation without having to confront anyone and hopefully without having to involve law enforcement.