Why is Vandalism a Social Problem?
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Vandalism, by definition, is the deliberate action of damaging or destroying either public or private property. This can include everything from a car to plants, shrubs, and bushes. Sadly, there has been a steady increase in vandalism over the years – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

This makes it a serious social problem. Vandalism, whether propagated by criminal street gangs or manipulated young people, is an attitude, a mindset that continues to erode away at society’s wellbeing.

The issue with vandalism

There are two general forms of vandalism. There is the type that is done due to not loving something. For example, if a customer had a bad experience at a café, they might show a lack of restraint and throw a rock through their window. If there are rival gangs, this can also manifest itself as gang violence, where they attack each other’s properties, vehicles, and other possessions.

The other type of vandalism is done purely for thrills and out of boredom. Gang members may see easy targets like phone booths, signs, and empty buildings, and use these to damage and graffiti.

If vandalism grows, it means there are more impressionable youngsters that will follow the trends. With the police department often focusing on more serious crimes, it is leading to more and more people having to put in preventative measures against vandalism rather than rely on law enforcement.

How to prevent vandalism to your property

Whether it is your home or business premises, there are ways to significantly lower the possibility of you suffering any vandalism directly.

One of the most effective – and subtle – choices is the Mosquito device for vandalism. This device emits a high-frequency sound, one that is only audible to those under 25 years of age. When the Mosquito is switched on, it only takes a matter of minutes for youngsters to be deterred from sticking around – and they will quickly disperse from the area and away from your property.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Added security: Added security measures, particularly if you are protecting a business, is recommended. Security gates and video surveillance are both effective crime prevention solution options.
  • Use your garden: This might seem unorthodox, but your garden can help in deterring vandals. Plants that feature thorns and sharp jagged leaves are wise to add to your garden. These jagged leaves and branches can make people think twice about getting any closer to your home and spraying graffiti on it.
  • Extra protection around the home: If possible, you should install fences that discourage intruders from entering. Post “no trespassing” signage to further dissuade people from climbing over. You can also utilize security lights to prevent vandals from being able to work in the dark as they tend to prefer.

As the police struggle with protecting law abiding citizens, you have to take it into your own hands to limit the possibility of being the victim of vandalism. The best way to start is by purchasing a Mosquito device for your property.