Biggest Playground Equipment Manufacturer in the US incorporates Mosquito Technology into Playground
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Moving Sound Technologies president Michael Gibson is pleased to announce that Miracle Recreation Products of Monett Missouri has acquired the exclusive rights to integrate The Mosquito™ anti-loitering system into their playground products.

The patented Mosquito™ is a device that emits a harmless but highly irritating sound audible only to those aged 13 to 25. The high frequency modulated tone, ranging from 17 to 18 kHz, which would be activated at night when access to parks and school grounds are restrictive, deters young would-be loiterers within a range of 50 to 130 ft. without harming them. Most adults over the age of 25 have lost the ability to detect this frequency range due to the natural aging process. In instances where the threat of adult loitering causing problems is a problem, the device can be set to a lower frequency that deters adults from loitering as well.

Statistics show that 90% of all vandalism and graffiti is caused by youth between the ages of 13 to 17. Schoolyard playgrounds have long been a favorite gathering place for youth late at night. Widespread abuse of drugs and alcohol can leave parks littered with broken glass and used needles which are hazardous to young children who play there during the day. In addition to improving safety, Miracle expects the technology will help schools save thousands in repair and maintenance costs every year.

Miracle’s Director of Sales, Michael Sutton, says the demand for high-tech security exceeded even his expectations. “As a former parks and recreation professional and law enforcement officer, I knew there was a need to provide some solutions to the ever-growing vandalism and loitering problem faced by playground owners. Since we introduced our MiracleTech™ products, using Mosquito technology, the response from customers has been overwhelming.”

Some schools have installed them in busy hallways to reduce congestion and encourage the flow of traffic to and from classes. Results are immediate and long-lasting. The desired effect of moving crowds away is achieved within minutes, and teens are less likely to congregate in areas where The Mosquito™ has been installed, even when it is turned off.

“Proactively discouraging antisocial behavior benefits everyone,” says Moving Sound President Mike Gibson. “We are very excited to help schools and city parks provide safer environments for children to play, while saving money in maintenance costs.”

Municipalities are seeing the enormous potential to save tax dollars in police hours and graffiti removal. Businesses can reduce their surveillance and private security costs by installing The Mosquito™ outside storefronts.

Miracle Recreation Products of Missouri is the largest playground equipment manufacturer in the world. Miracle has over 80 years of experience building outdoor playing equipment, modular play events, slide pools and the like…

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