Baby elephants feeling the cold
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As specialists in monitoring and signaling technology that communicates via the mobile network, Mosquito Loitering Solutions supply equipment for some unusual applications daily. A recent enquiry for a GSM communicating temperature monitoring alarm, however, has to be the most unusual yet.


Baby African elephant Ele Mirembe and her family at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent have been feeling the cold over this winter and Bryony Hatcher and the other staff at Howletts have been searching for a way to notify staff during the night if the elephants are too cold.


“When the elephants get too cold, especially little Ele and the other young ones” says Bryony Hatcher, senior adoption coordinator at the center, “they can become quite ill and therefore we needed a way to alert staff during the night to temperature changes”.


After receiving Bryony’s email and the accompanying photo’s, we decided to provide Howletts with 3 Erbas Reporter temperature monitoring alarms free of charge to ensure that little Ele and her friends are nice and warm all night.


The Erbas Reporter range includes temperature monitoring alarms, power failure alarms and flood and leak alarms, all of which communicate via the mobile network to alert users within seconds when things change.


So, are baby elephants as cute as kittens? Have a look at the video and let us know what you think – 


Also, if you wish to donate to the foundation to help care for these lovely animals, you can do so at this link –