‘Mosquito’ deserves a try
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A recent letter writer was correct with his statement that the Mosquito ultrasonic teen repellent operates at 80 to 90 dB and emits a frequency of 18 kHz. This was an obvious miscommunication.

I wish to add that it is understandable that when a new product is introduced to the marketplace, it can elicit a great deal of skepticism. When The Mosquito was launched, police forces, malls, convenience stores, businesses and other organizations now using and endorsing the product had doubts that it would work. However, after they installed and tested The Mosquito, they were very happy with results.

When properly investigated and tested, you will find that a high-pitched sound emulated from a specially designed Mosquito speaker at 80-90dB does, in fact, annoy an overwhelming majority of youths.

The Mosquito has been proven to work as an effective anti-loitering device and will not become obsolete because of hearing loss any time soon.

Gibson is president of Moving Sound Technologies Inc.

Author Michael Gibson
PublicationRegina Leader Post
Date 20 October 2007