Protecting Churches and Heritage Buildings from Theft & Vandalism
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Heritage BuildingThe crumbling economy in the UK has caused an increase in the theft of lead and other expensive materials from church roofs and other heritage buildings across the UK over the last few years.

Using traditional security equipment makes securing these buildings a significant challenge that most often results in failure as the equipment used has not be designed for that purpose. External security systems are a whole different proposition to internal security and it is important from a reliability and effectiveness standpoint to ensure that the system you choose is up to the job.

Churches and historic buildings often have large quantities of valuable materials such as copper and lead used in their construction and are especially difficult to secure. As great care is required to install a security system without affecting the aesthetics or damaging the fabric of the building, the most pleasing results are usually obtained using professional radio communication equipment to link the various security detectors to the control equipment. 

Lead Theft from Church RoofRoof Damage

On numerous sites a reliable mains supply is not present which is truly where an RDAS security system from Mosquito Loitering Solutions comes into its own – the entire system has the ability to run on it’s own internal batteries for up to a year whilst still offering full SMS and Central station communication. Also within in the range a battery powered radio linked external high power alarm siren is available to warn intruders and local residents to activation.

Unlike other systems that use single beam detectors designed for the lighting industry RDAS uses only dual element detectors for external detection. These are purpose designed for external security dramatically reducing nuisance alarms caused by wild animals, birds and domestic pets as well adverse weather conditions.

The RDAS security systems by Mosquito Loitering Solutions are the pinnacle of wireless security systems and are the ONLY such systems for sale in the UK that are approved by ACPO / SBD (Association of Chief Police Officers)(Secured by Design).

With RDAS, there are no cables running between the sensors and the control system.

With RDAS, all external PIR sensors are Dual beam. This means that birds, cats, dogs, foxes etc. will NOT trigger and activation. Most security systems use Single beam sensors that whilst operate very well indoors, are prone to high levels of false activations outside by animals and birds.

To learn more about our available devices for protecting a church or heritage site, please read our dedicated church and heritage building security page.