Securing Wombledon Airfield
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And only a battery powered wireless system will do

How do you secure an airfield in rural Yorkshire when the buildings to be secured are up to a kilometer apart? Where some buildings have no power and only one has a telephone line?

Well you could run miles of cable, but crossing landing strips would be a bit of a problem. You can’t use a mains powered system because power isn’t available at all the key locations 24/7. As to hardline communications, forget it!

This was the problem faced by Wombledon Airfield owners Swift and their security provider Howsons of Ingleton in Yorkshire.

The only possible solution was a completely wireless battery powered security system, but that in itself presented a problem. Such systems have historically had a range limitation of around 300 meters line of sight. Put a few walls in the way and that range is cut to half or even less.

The solution was the new RDAS+ system from leading UK manufacturer Mosquito Loitering Solutions Ltd from South Wales.

In 2012 the SSAIB published the first Code of Practice relating to Temporary Alarm Systems. This prompted Mosquito Loitering Solutions to whose equipment is already widely used by police forces and blue chip companies in the UK, to up their game and produce a new system that represents a step change in wireless battery operated security, the RDAS+ system.


The airfield (pictured right) comprises a hanger at at the top of the picture and a control tower and several storage buildings and converted cargo containers at the left of the site and the hanger at the bottom of the picture. The distance between the two furthest building is some 800+ meters.

The RDAS+ control system, which does not need to be accessed on a regular basis was hidden away safely in one of the buildings and the wireless keypad installed inside the entrance to that building.

Detectors based on the Optex range due to their reliability and modified by Mosquito Loitering Solutions to communicate with their control equipment were installed in the following areas –

2 x HX40 (High Mount) External PIRs were used to secure the external generator and external oil tank

A total of 8 VX402 (Low mount) external and EX35 internal PIRs were used internally to the various buildings depending on the structure, weather tightness and furry friend access of each building. 

RDAS VPS group

The RDAS+ system is based on an RF frequency of 434 MHz rather than 868 MHz used by other systems on the market. This allows for greater penetration of building materials. This allowed the RDAS+ system to communicate through at least two structures and cover a distance of at least 800 meters and still have a signal strength of 30% on the weakest device.

Si Morris, Commercial Director of Mosquito Loitering Solutions said “ The RDAS+ system really is something special with an open field range of over 1KM, Dual SIMs and real time remote arm / disarm functions. We launched the system in September 2012 and I am very pleased that such a difficult job proved to be well within its capabilities. The RDAS+ range can be significantly extended with the use of high gain aerials, to well over 1 ½ miles, however, that was not necessary in this case”.

Managing director of Howsons Security, Matthew Howson was also very impressed with the installation and performance of the equipment and admits to being skeptical prior to the install that such equipment would be up to the job. “We have worked with many wireless equipment manufacturers over the past 15 years” says Matthew,  “which often make promises that they can’t keep and have proven to be problematic. I have to say that the RDAS+ system installation impressed me straight away, with installation going smoothly, taking only a single day, which is almost unheard of for such a large site, and the reliability from both the sensors, radio units and signaling system to date has been superb. We are already specifying the system for future projects where other Radio systems simply won’t work! “

Mosquito Loitering Solutions have also been working on a visual verification system that will be incorporated in to the RDAS+ system as well as their VX GPRS standalone PIR that is used by UK police forces. This is due for release in May 2013. Used externally in conjunction with the Optex VX402, the camera will provide clear images in all lighting conditions out to the full 90 degree by 12meter detection range of the PIR and transmit up to 17 images taken over 3 seconds to the ARC or even your mobile phone within minutes

 “We are very excited about this’ says Si Morris. “There are a couple of visually verified battery powered wireless systems on the market, however, a wireless battery powered camera that sees reliably out to 12 meters in complete darkness and transmits those images within minutes is another 1st  in this rapidly growing market’

For further information on the RDAS+ or any other system in the Mosquito Loitering Solutions range, go to view our brochure or call us on +44 (0) 1685 350418