Buzz off troublemakers, the mosquito’s on its way
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MOSQUITOS are to be sent into Tandridge to put an end to antisocial behaviour in the district.

The Mosquito is a new hitech machine that has been proven to force unwanted youths to move on.

The device is named after the insect because it emits an annoying ultra high-pitched sound. However only teenagers can hear it.

It does not cause any pain to anyone who hears the sound, but is so irritating and intolerable that young people move away from the area within minutes.

Two of the gadgets have been bought through the Tandridge Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) and will be used in hotspots where residents have had a persistent problem with groups of youths.

Tandridge neighbourhood sergeant Mike Simmonds said: “The device has been found in other areas of the country to be extremely effective in moving on groups of unwanted youths and I am sure it will be another very useful tool in our efforts to tackle antisocial behaviour.

“Of course, the Mosquito alone is not a solution to anti-social behaviour but, used in the right way, alongside all our other police activity, it can certainly be put to good use.

“Groups of teenagers drinking, smoking, swearing and destroying property in one location can often be very intimidating for residents and can be a real nuisance, particularly over the summer months.

“With the help of the Mosquito and continued enforcement by our officers, we can turn the tables on these antisocial youths and make Tand-ridge as inhospitable a place for them as possible.”

History of the Mozzie

  • The Mosquito was devised by Merthyr Tydfil businessman and former British Aerospace electronics apprentice Harold Stapleton, who became sick of youths hanging around his local shop and intimidating customers.
  • It has an effective range of between 15 and 20 metres and sends out 80 decibel bursts of pulsing sounds at up to 16khz.
  • The effect only works on teenagers due to progressive hearing loss which most people suffer from the age of 20 onwards and which affects the higher frequencies first.

Publication icSurrey
Date 18 May 2006

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