Council of Europe Ban on Mosquito Device Not Binding
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The Council of Europe this morning voted to ban the use and marketing of the Mosquito teen deterrent within Europe. 59 members voted in total out of the 489 current members.

It MUST be noted that the Council of Europe have NO power to enforce a ban on ANY product within the European Union. That is a matter for the European Parliament to decide.

It should be further noted that the European Parliament have already voted on this matter in 2008 with the result that only 8% of MEP’s voted in favour of a ban on the device.

Mr. Morris, commercial director of Mosquito Loitering Solutions Ltd., the inventors and manufacturers of the Mosquito device are saddened that no UK or European MP’s will engage with Mosquito Loitering Solutions to introduce legislation restricting the use of the device in public areas to Police and Local Authorities only, under strict usage guidelines.

Mr. Morris goes on to say that when used correctly by authorities, the Mosquito is NOT indiscriminate OR discriminatory and is very effective at restoring quality of life to people and businesses plagued by Anti-Social Behaviour.


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