Dark, Cold, Wet & Windy
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We always find it surprising that we sell so many Mosquito Anti-Loitering devices in in colder countries. One would imagine that kids would not be hanging around outside in the dark when it is zero degrees or below outside, but they do.

It is the same in the UK. During summer and autumn the kids tend to hang out in open areas, but in the dark and cold winter and spring months, they don’t just stay home. Rather they tend to congregate in locations where there is some degree of shelter and illumination. Shops with porches, industrial and commercial buildings with recessed doorways & entrance lobbies are all popular hangouts. Of course the weather still has an impact and often results in the groups occupying a smaller space to keep out of the elements.

This is an ideal application for the smaller Mosquito Anti-Loitering device, The Mozzy. The Mozzy is designed to target highly specific areas with a maximum range of just 5 meters (Adjustable). This is ideal for shop porches, recessed doorways and public lobbies in communal housing etc. It solves the problem without affecting any neighboring properties.

For more information about The Mosquito or The Mozzy, take a look at Mosquito Anti-Loitering devices the Safe, Benign & Legal way to disperse groups of teens behaving badly.

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