Mosquito Wins Ig Nobel Prize
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This was a great week in Nobel Prize world for the U.S., but in the IgNobel Prize world, one which lampoons the Nobel Prizes, one of the winners was something we had covered earlier at RTN, the Mosquito. This is a device that drives away teenagers by playing a sound that only they can hear (mostly) … and it’s pretty irritating. It was also turned into a ring tone by enterprising teens who wanted to get phone calls without teachers knowing.

Howard Stapleton won the 2006 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his “electromechanical teenager repellant,” a device that produces a sound audible only to those 30 or younger. The award was followed by a surprise demonstration of the device that caused the majority of those in the audience to groan and cover their ears. Source:

We Say: Other awards were given for a study of why people hate the sound of fingernails scratching a chalkboard and a study on why woodpeckers do not get headaches. All right, I can see why these are the Ig Nobel awards.

Author Michael Santo
Publication RealTechNews
Date 07 October 2006

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