Noisy youths will buzz off
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EALING Council are using “mosquitos” to stop anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Mosquitos are ultra-sonic devices which emits a high-pitched tone that can only be heard by people under 25-years-old.

The council decided to install the devices in the borough beacuse one resiodent in particular had been subjected to eight years of torment by young people skateboarding around his flat in Lythe Road.

Mr Sparkes said: “The noise from the skateboards stomping was like gunfire. If you wanted to watch a programme on TV or put on a record or have a rest, it was awful. The problem got worse during the last four years. It was escalating.”

The mosquito has the appearance of a small black box and, since its installation two weeks ago, has managed to drive away the skaters, who refused to listen to Mr Sparkes, neighbours or police.

The device is the first of its kind in the borough and has been so successful that the council is thinking of purchasing more mosquitos to combat anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Sue Emment, cabinet member for safer communties, said: “Our swift decisive action has managed to solve an eight-year problem in just two weeks.

“The mosquito is the council’s latest tool to combat anti-social behaviour or nuisance issues and supports the council’s priority to improve communtiy safety.”

Mr Sparkes said: “I think it is excellent. It has stopped them from skateboarding under our windows and in our private car park.

“We are not against young people meeting or playing but there are other safe areas for them to play.”

Author Alex Ali
Publication Ealing Times
Date 25 October 2006

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