Town turns to a teenage repellent
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The mosquito device has been put up at the Willows Arts Centre in George Street

A TEENAGE repellent which hurts young people’s ears so badly it forces them to flee for cover has been installed in Corby to put the bite on gangs.

The mosquito device, which sends out a high pitched noise and can only be heard by people under-25, has been put up at the Willows Arts Centre in George Street, at Motherwell House and at the Oakley Vale shopping centre.

Its introduction came after the areas were plagued by youths hanging around and behaving anti-socially.

After scoring a success in those areas, Corby Council is planning to put in another device, which cost nearly £500 each, at the Danesholme Shopping Centre in Boden Close.

Leader of Corby Borough Council Pat Fawcett said: “The mosquito device has been very successful at The Willows Arts Centre in reducing anti-social behaviour but is just a small part of what we are doing to make Corby a safer and more attractive place to live.

“As a council we have put a huge emphasis on sport, leisure, cultural and recreational provision for children and young people making sure they have lots of positive, exciting things to do and less reason to get involved in vandalism and anti-social behaviour.”

The gadget at the Willows Arts Centre was installed in early April to displace groups of youths congregating in the building’s fire exits and the council claims it has resulted in a reduction in anti-social behaviour, graffiti and vandalism.

A spokesman for the arts centre said: “The deterrent has been working but it has moved the groups round the front of the building so we’re hoping to get another device installed.”

The latest unit, which was installed in Oakley Vale last week, has also been welcomed by staff at shops in the area, which had seen an escalation in anti-social behaviour because problems have been displaced from other areas.

One Tesco worker, who did not want to be identified, said: “It’s a great idea because we have had problems with youngsters who hang around until about 10pm trying to hassle people into buying drink for them and generally being a nuisance.”

Corby councillor Barry O’Brien, who lives in Oakley Vale and represents residents in Danesholme, added: “We’ve had problems with gangs of teenagers hanging around this area and intimidating residents so this is a great move.”

Date 27 September 2007

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