World’s First Musical Mosquito Ringtone Announced
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A mosquito ringtone is generally audible to teens only and most adults can’t hear it.

Aubraux has introduced world’s first musical mosquito ringtone on their website at A mosquito ringtone is generally audible to teens only and most adults can’t hear it. The reason is that the mosquito ringtone is a very high frequency sound, and human ear’s sensitivity to high frequency sounds degrades with age.

It all started when a UK company called Mosquito Loitering Solutions Ltd. came out with a teen deterrent system. The system emitted an annoying, high pitched sound which most adults can’t hear but most teens can. The teens turned the tables around by using the high frequency sound as a ringtone, a ringtone which they can hear but most parents and teachers can’t.

As per Aubraux “The mosquito ringtone and its variants are going to be the hottest ringtones this year”. A search on Google for “mosquito ringtone” shows more than 700,000 results. However, the mosquito ringtone available till now has been a plain high pitched sound which can be annoying. So far, nobody has offered a musical mosquito ringtone. A quick Google search for “musical mosquito ringtone” yields no results.

Making a musical ringtone at such a high frequency is not a trivial task. The primary reason is that even the best musical instruments can’t generate notes at such a high frequency. However, Aubraux has been able to overcome this challenge. The first musical mosquito ringtone introduced by them is a Jingle Bells mosquito ringtone. As per Aubraux “It is very interesting that you might not hear all notes of the Jingle Bells mosquito ringtone if your ears are not young enough”. Visitors can preview (hear) this mosquito ringtone for free using a web browser from their website.

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Publication PRlog
Date 12 April 2007

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