Youngsters are Told to Buzz Off
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YOUNG people in Hardwicke are being forced to buzz-off due to a controversial new piece of equipment.

A Mosquito device has been installed in Westbourne Drive in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour and police are already hailing it as a success. The device emits a high-pitched buzz which can only be heard by young people. Since the machine was introduced just before Christmas there have been less complaints. A police spokesman said:

“The idea is that the device will deter youths from congregating in a specific area.”

“Westbourne Drive was experiencing problems with youths being noisy and causing criminal damage.”

“The residents and shopkeepers asked for action to be taken. The device was fitted at the beginning of December and there has been a reduction in reported incidents.

Parish council clerk Elizabeth McGrory said the mosquito had helped. She stated:

There used to be lots of young people hanging around. They weren’t necessarily doing anything, there were just too many of them and they made too much noise.”

“They now split off into small groups which is much better. I haven’t had any complaints since the machine was put up.”

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