The impact that it has made is unbelievable
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Dear Simon,

Please excuse me for not replying to you earlier but i have not been too good with a chronic pain problem.

We had the mosquito put up by a friends of ours and first off, the instructions were excellent. The friends who helped, one is a ‘know it all’ computer buff and the other is a sprightly 83 year old. Everything is so clear. The job was done in less than forty minutes.

The impact that it has made is unbelievable.

Thanks to you we now have a respite from the awful problems that we were having. Your device should be used by anyone who is plagued by the selfish behaviour demonstrated by so many youngsters. I used to teach but the behaviour of our local youngsters is beyond, live and let live. They have no consideration for others and too often the parents are as bad.

Anyone who objects to the use of the mosquito is undoubtedly selfish or petty. Your device does not harm, just moves the youngsters on allowing innocent people to carry on with their lives unimpeded.

Simon you are a ‘freedom fighter’ and deserve to be fully acknowledged for your work in devising a system to give hope where people‚Äôs lives are being made a misery by a thoughtless few.

Thank you for your help it is so very much appreciated. Have a very good weekend.

Best regards,
Kris and Gail Perkins

P.s. If it is okay with you we are going to mention you, the mosquito and Mosquito Loitering Solutions at a coming RNIB meeting.

Kris Perkins
Private home owner

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