In the two months after the device was introduced the police received just three callouts
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A controversial mosquito device is to be introduced to deter trouble-making youngsters gathering near a Preston street.

Police and community leaders are hoping to erect the device, which works by emitting high pitched sounds, near one end of Janice Drive, Fulwood.

A wall which forms the gable end of a home lies at that end of the road and is a well known gathering point for dozens of youngsters.

Coun David Hammond, councillor for the Greyfriars ward, said residents have complained of night-time noise and abusive language.

Police have got funding for the £500 device and expect it to be in place by the end of January.

Coun Hammond said: “There is a certain amount of anti-social behaviour and problems which happen down there.”

“It is an area where kids like to congregate at night.”

Mosquito devices, which emit high pitched noises of 70 to 80 decibels have been steeped in controversy.

The makers say only those under 25 can hear the sounds, but there have been concerns they do not distinguish between troublemakers and normal children and may be bad for youngsters’ health.

Insp John Ainsworth, of Lea Police, added: “The answer to the concerns is that these work, as long as they are tried with other methods as well.”

Preston’s first mosquito device was erected near shops on the Larches estate in June last year.

Insp Ainsworth said in April and May 2006, police received 60 call outs to the shops.

In the two months after the device was introduced they received just three.


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